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The SANDitm Brushware Family.

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Innovative thinking and traditional methodology has united the SANDitm Brushware family for over 15 years in the brushware industry and still remains the backbone of our success to this day. At the SANDitm Brushware factory in Durban, South Africa, our products are built to perfection in highest quality. We only use premium grade materials in our manufacturing processes and the flame above our SANDitm logo represents our mark of excellence.

Innovations like the QuickLOCK system on our main line products, allow for shipping to anywhere in South Africa for the fraction of the cost of traditionally made products! Just one of the many ways, that our company has revolutionised its industry. We hope you share our excitement about our quality and commitment to the cleaning industry. If you wish to learn more about the SANDitm Brushware family, please fill out the information request form found on our site and we will gladly ship you product information and specials from our company.

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CEO SANDitm Brushware

why you should be dealing with sandi brushware.

Built on the success of Commercial Trading, SANDitm gains 17 years of experience from a company that has set the pace for innovate technologies in it's industry. Since it's inception in 1992, Commercial Trading has been the corner stone for products that are built strong without costing our customers an arm and a leg. Providing the same quality service and no nonsense guarantees as always, has made us the excellent choice and preffered supplier for many.
Holding the record for longest running Brushware company with 110% BEE rating, we are a preferred supplier in all government tender oppurtunities. Fully BEE certified and ready to supply without hesitation you can count on us for orders of any scale. So the next time you are going to qoute the government let them know that your supplier is 100% black owned and run. We will gladly provide any supporting documentation needed to assist you with acquiring sales.
Because of the scale and nature of our business, SANDitm Brushware has acquired the best deal from our transport partners, Globeflight. Our volume deals allow for sensible, cost-effective shipping to any part of the world. Place your orders now, our friendly sales staff are waiting for your call. If you prefer, you can find out more using our information request form found on this site.