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The SANDitm Brushware, history in the making.

Founded in 1992 by the Naidoo family, SANDitm Brushware, then still under the umbrella of Commercial Trading, started its modest life as a family run business importing household products. Showcasing less than 10 items at the time, Commercial Trading quickly found its niche in the market and seized its opportunity for rapid expansion.

In early 1994 Commercial Trading began specialising in the needs of the cleaning industry. Armed with innovations such as our fully patented socket systems for our mop range we proved a worthy underdog to the industrial giants. Quickly expanding our range to include over 200 items, we turned Commercial Trading overnight, into a one stop shop for all the buying needs of customers both corporate and small.

More than one and a half decades later, Commercial Trading has branched out and left the running of its cleaning division to its sister company, SANDitm Brushware. Now competing in a more diverse range of industries, SANDitm Brushware, backed by the financial success of Commercial Trading, enables us to be more diverse and take the risks that make our company so innovate and industry leading.

Still based in its hometown of Durban, South Africa, SANDitm Brushware is a company that cares about the needs of its customers by keeping its employees its number one priority. A happy workforce = happy customers = good business. We are still 100% Black owned and 100% Black run, and as such, we are rated at 110% BEE compliance. Our manufacturing practices and materials are of the highest quality and as such we offer our no nonsense replacement policies to our customers. We believe that our customers should be treated the way we treat each other, like family.

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SANDitm Brushware. Built Stong, To Last Long.